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Club Racing
As a Finger Lakes Region SCCA member, you are eligible to come out and play with us! You will find a wonderful camaraderie and warm mix of people. . . autocrossers as rallymasters for our Rally series, rallyists out on the track both as competitors and workers and Club Racers working checkpoints, etc. There are currently about 500 members in Finger Lakes Region. We'd love to have you join the fun!!
2009 Fun One, Finger Lakes Region SCCA's double regional, Sept. 15, 2009 at Watkins Glen International. Photo by Marnie Soom.  All rights reserved.SCCA Club Racing
(Road Racing & Time Trials)

The Northeast Division Club Racing season begins at the end of March and concludes in October. For the Regional drivers, there is the New York State Road Racing Championship series (NYSRRC), with races at Watkins Glen International and several others at other tracks in the division. For the National drivers in the Northeast Division, there is the NESCCA series which culminates at the beginning of October with the week-long Runoffs® where the best National drivers from all over the United States gather to compete. Finger Lakes Region holds our perennial favorite, the Fun One in September at Watkins Glen International road course. Every other year, we host the Glen National and for the past few years have hosted a regional race, "Westward", at Nelson Ledges Road Course in Ohio.   [more...]

FLR Solo Event #7 at Xerox - September 13, 2009.  Photo by Jane Quinn. Photographer retains full rights.SCCA Solo (Autocross)
A driving skill competition, where you and your car negotiate a course laid out in a parking lot and marked with traffic cones. The lowest time wins, and penalty seconds are added to your score for each cone you knock down. It's just one car at a time, so there's little risk of trading paint with other cars. Solo speeds are relatively low, typically second gear for most cars. The turns come up quickly, though, so don't be fooled into thinking Solo is boring. To get a good low time you must be smooth and precise, and quick. The skills you learn in the parking lot will greatly improve your car control, and help make you a safer driver on the street. The Solo season typically runs from April through October and is held at venues around the Rochester area. Our Championship Series includes out-of-region events with area SCCA regions.  [more...]
Finger Lakes Region SCCA RallyCross at Perry's Park, Oct. 2008. Photo by Jane Quinn. All rights reserved.SCCA RoadRally & RallyCross
The Rally program runs year round and encompasses both Time-Speed-Distance events (RoadRally) and course-type rally events (RallyCross). Our TSD rallies include local events and series, Divisional events as well as National events. RallyCross combines the competition of SCCA Solo with the thrill and skill of competing off road. RallyCross courses often include dirt, gravel and pavement and are prescribed by cones, like autocross. One car navigates the course at a time, with the lowest elapsed time from the start of the course to the finish winning. Finger Lakes STPR Motorsports annually hosts the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally, and its supporting events, which are held in and around Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. [more...]
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